Annals of Earth

          As part of its outreach program Ocean Arks publishes a regular, environmentally oriented newsletter entitled Annals of Earth. In the main its contents are solution oriented. Edited by Nancy Jack Todd, Annals rarely reports on ecological problems without including ways in which people are tackling and solving them. In addition to contributions from the Todds, authors have included David Orr, William Irwin Thompson, and west-coast journalist David Kupfer. Recent issues have featured Kupfer's interview of the late Earnest Callenbach, as well as articles and illustrations by the late Frederick Franck, the well-known founder of the sanctuary and art gallery Pacem In Terris.
         Annals is sent to supporters and members of Ocean Arks International, is printed in newspaper format and published three times a year.

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Past Publications:

Volume XXX, Number 2, 2012

Volume XXXI, Number 3, 2013