Lauren Valle

Director of Programs

 Lauren is the Director of Programs at Ocean Arks International and is responsible for designing and implementing Ocean Arks' education and outreach efforts as well as many of the day to day functions of the organization, including funding and the website.

Lauren graduated  from Columbia University in 2009. She is also a Project Coordinator for John Todd Ecological Design. 

Most recently, Lauren lived and worked on a thirty-five acre organic fruit, vegetable and cattle farm in northeast Pennsylvania with a focus on permaculture, holistic land management and building a community food-shed. 

While at the farm she co-founded a farm-to-table catering business and opened and operated a weekly cafĂ© at the farmer's market as well as catered large events serving only local produce, meat and dairy grown and raised at their farm and neighboring farms. They also organized educational events and community meals for children and adults, both on the farm and in the kitchen, promoting the benefits of eating locally-grown, nutritionally-dense foods. 

Prior to her time at the farm, Lauren worked in the environmental movement as a project coordinator and trainer for several organizations In Washington, DC and New York City, including Greenpeace, the Rainforest Action Network and Students for Free Tibet. 

In 2010 she spent a month in Louisiana working with Greenpeace during the Gulf Oil Spill to document the oil's damage to the shoreline,  an experience that deeply influenced her commitment to the work of Ocean Arks International.

Lauren's interests include herbalism and the cultivation and wild-crafting of medicinal plants, Chinese medicine,  mycology, textiles, growing food, fermentation, homesteading, and yoga. She is also a visual artist.