Max Rome

Consulting Ecological Engineer

Max is an ecological engineer and project manager at Ocean Arks International  for the Fisherville Mill Canal project in Grafton. He is involved in operations and innovations at the site.

Max  recieved his degree in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

He has been involved with modular waste treatment for mixed-use development, in-situ river remediation and experimental seawater treatment systems. Along with his engineering background Max brings extensive hands on experience with construction and landscape design as well as a passion for engineering which moves toward a synthesis of infrastructure, ecology, and community.

He is independently working toward developing the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge in Cambridge, Mass., as a flowering pedestrian civic garden, and is prototyping a kit for converting billboards to wild vertical New England meadows.

While at UMass he designed and ran a nine-month bioreactor study aimed at reducing sludge generation, while monitoring effluent quality and measuring system performance. His joint research papers on sludge reduction have been published in “Water Research” and “Water Science and Technology.”

Also while at UMass he won a second place award in the Ed Bacon Design Competition for his paper entitled “Designing the Fair of the Future.” He worked on an interdisciplinary team to propose a 250-year vision of South Philadelphia as an industrial-agricultural commons. Max has a varied background and has spent time working on organic farms and, after Hurricane Katrina, volunteered in New Orleans for the clean-up. These experiences underlined for him the importance of creating alternative ecological infrastructure in our cities: systems which are life-loving, flexible, and affordable.

After graduation from UMass he traveled by bicycle 7,000 miles from Patagonia to Peru.